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Microtek UPS ESBz 700VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Inverters, Microtek

Microtek UPS ESBz 700VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Voltage: 170-270Volts x 230Volts, Frequency: 50 x 50.00
  • Model Number: UPS ESBz 700VA, Load Options 4 Light + 4 Fan + 1 TV
  • Model Number: UPS ESBz 700VA, Load Options 4 Light + 4 Fan + 1 TV
  • Input Voltage: 170-270Volts, Input Frequency: 50
  • Protection: overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, reverse polarity

Product description

Microtek Inverter
Input voltage: 100v-300v 180v-260v, output voltage on mains mode: equal as input , output voltage on u. S. Mode: 210v ± 10 percent, output frequency on united states of America model: 50Hz ± 0. 1 Hz, switching from mains to America and from us to mains: computerized, output waveform on mains mode: same as enter-output waveform on u. S. Mode: Pure sine wave, battery charging current: consistent charging approx 10 percent of the rated battery modern in ah, charger: power thing managed to improve era efficiency: eighty percentage u. S. Overload /, United States of America quick circuit: a hundred and ten percent / 300 percent use transfer time:?15 msec, technology: digital signal controller (DSC) primarily based shrewd control design, automobile reset feature: sure, battery volts: 12v - single battery(not protected)

Voltage: 10 - 14 VDC x two hundred - 230v, frequency: 50 Hz x 50 Hz
Load Option: 5 Fans + 5 lighting fixtures + 2 TVs
Quality: Smart overload sense and short circuit protection
Design: Micro-controller based intelligent control design
Protection: overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, reverse polarity

Microtek 875VA E2 Sinewave UPS Inverter
Inverters, Microtek

Microtek 875VA E2 Sinewave UPS Inverter

  • Energy saver range of products. Micro controller / dsp based energy efficient sinewave ups are designed using energy efficient state-of-the-art technology for better performance and high reliability. The energy efficient sinewave technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance
  • Micro-controller / dsp based intelligent control design
  • E2 products use hi-grade low watt loss silicon steel core in transformers with a watt loss of approx 3.6w to 4w, whereas the other manufacturers are using core having watt loss of approx 7w to 10w. Thereby other products have additional power consumption equivalent to 15w to 35w per hour continuously from 625 to 1550 respectively
  • You save the watt loss

Product description

The UPS e2-875 sine wave inverter/ micro-controller based intelligent control design highly efficient transformer minimum energy loss while conversion from DC to AC display indications (Status and Fault) cccv technology with auto trickle modesmart overload sense and short circuit protectionbattery state monitoringeasily serviceablemulti stage digital battery charger mains input voltage range selection, e2 technical specifications:/ input voltage : 100v~300v (Wide input voltage range) 180v~260v (Normal input voltage range)output voltage on mains mode : same as inputoutput voltage on UPS mode : 210v ± 5%output frequency on mode : 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz switching from mains to UPS.

Microtek Digital UPS E²+ 1115 VA Inverter By Goyal Sales Corpora
Inverters, Microtek

Microtek Digital UPS E²+ 1115 VA Inverter By Goyal Sales Corpora

  • Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design.
  • LED Display Indications for UPS Status and Fault
  • CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode
  • Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection
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Product description

Microtek ups-E²+ series are amazing energy efficient ups with > 87 % efficiency. It additionally comes with a smart characteristic of battery water degree indicator, which guarantees timely topping of water in the battery. Designed using Latest state-of-the-art Technology. It comes with many smart functions, display status, fault conditions, and battery voltage choice switch. The ups from standard voltage range from a hundred v~ 300 v and slim voltage variety from one hundred eighty v ~ 260 v for strolling computer systems and sensitive appliances.

• Rated Capacity: 1115 VA / 12V
• Output Power: 892 Watts
• Battery: 1 Battery System (12 VDC) 
• Waveform: TPZi Waveform
• Warranty: 2 Years

Key features

• Battery State Monitoring
• Multi-Stage Battery Charger
• Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch
• Battery Slide Selection Switch (Local/Flat/Tubular) 



Technical Specifications

• input voltage (preferred range): 90 v ~ 300 v
• input voltage (slim range): 180v ~ 260 v

• Output Voltage (Mains Mode): Same as Input
• Output voltage (USP mode): 200v~ 230v ± 10%
• Output Waveform (Mains Mode): Same as Input
• Output Waveform (UPS Mode): TPZi Waveform (Trape Zoidal Waveform) 

•Switchover from mains to u. S. A. And ups of America mains: automatic
• UPS Transfer Time: ? 15 msec. 

• Design: Micro Controller Based Design
• Battery charging modern-day: 10% of the rated battery modern-day in AH
• UPS overload / USP short-circuit: 110% / 300%
• Browns on Mains Voltage: 100V ± 40V
• Efficiency (Battery Mode): > 87%
• Auto Reset Feature: Yes
•Input dc Range: 10.5 v ~ 14. 2 v